gong meditation

Cacao Ceremony and Gong Sound Meditation

Sunday 6th November 2022, 14.00 to 17.00

with Galit and Angela

Angela Mason and I would like to invite you to join us for the Cacao Ceremony & Gong Sound Meditation.

Open to new possibilities.

Take a moment to go within and reflect.

Recharge, rest and heal.

Connect and get inspired.

Find clarity and open your heart so the way ahead flows with ease.

Cacao Ceremonies are a very old ritual from South-America. The Inca’s and the Maya’s discovered the deep, loving and healing power of pure cacao. The 100% raw cacao supports you gently wherever you are at. It increases the blood flow, lowers your blood pressure, relaxes the muscles and connective tissues which generates an expensive feeling, often centred around the heart.

You can read more about Cacao Ceremonies here

Gong's Sound Healing brings a sense of deep relaxation, rest and renewal when they relax into the sounds, let go and allow their soundscape to unfold.

It is a relaxing and transformative experience of sonic bliss. As you float on gentle waves of sound it's like a deep massage and tune-up of your entire being by the complex sounds.

You are immersed in the tones and vibrations of gently played Gongs, drawing in the sounds you need, encouraging a return to harmony and filling you with the message of wholeness and renewal.

Location: Farmcote Studios, Old Heathfield, TN21 9AP

Payment: £55.

You can pay with PayPal. My PayPal email is galit@shunyata.co.uk

Angela and myself are looking forward to be spending this time with you XX

"I just wanted to thank you for the cacao ceremony and gong bath last Sunday. I have had a very turbulent time recently, my sister recently became very ill with brain cancer and I’ve been supporting her family and my parents through it. I had felt very anxious and stressed in recent weeks.
Sunday was incredibly healing for me. I am feeling more grounded and calm and able to cope with life once again. It has really been very strong the change in me. So thank you and Angela from the bottom of my heart for your healing and kindness and energy". C