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Pottery Studio

Maya Hughes - Ceramics

Naturally I have always been more of a right brain thinker and enjoy learning through a hands on and creative approach. I studied a variety of visual art subjects in school and college but it wasn't until afterwards that I found the medium which I enjoy working with the most, clay! Since then I have spent the last 3 years fully immersing myself in the wonders and endless possibilities in ceramics.

While I was studying Fine Art I spent a year exploring the Abstract Expressionism movement which for me feels like an incredibly 'in the moment' process that I love because it allows me to be fully with my emotions. I started to bring the abstract style from my paintings into my pottery which I find exciting because it feels like a continuation from my art studies and I get to explore in more depth a theme which I am passionate about.

I started out by attending pottery classes and then on top of that became an apprentice to potter Ximena Heasman and I am now continuing on as her part-time assistant, I have been working with Ximena for over 2.5 years. I attended a 3 month full time ceramics development course lead by Katrina Pechal at Forest Row School of Ceramics and continue to work there as a technician and I occasionally teach classes. I have set up my own pottery studio in my garden at home and continue to develop my own work whilst also working and learning from others.


Contact Maya by mail: mayarhughes@gmail.com or phone: 07595943876

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