The HeART of Being Free Self Practice Process

I have put together this unique and inspiring self process at the end of which you would have created a Mandala with acrylic paints on canvas that tells the story of your inner landscape and your HeArt desires. Click the button below to start your home mini course.

The HeART Of Being Mandala Painting

Five Elements Personality Type

The theory of the five elements is one of the main tools an acupuncturist can use in order to understand a person’s nature, personality types and symptoms of disease. Open the link below to find your dominant element(s) according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Find Out Which One Are You?

How To Perform Self Acupuncture - Acupuncture in Coronaviruse times

Step by step guide for using acupuncture techniques to help relieve your acute symptoms

How To Perform Self Acupuncture

Find Out More About Inner Dance

The Inner Dance process was created in the Philippines by Pi Villaraza .

To read more about Inner Guidance please follow this link: