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Healing with Curiosity Workshop
Cacao Ceremony followed by Guided, Body-Focused Healing
Sunday 4th December from 11am to 4pm

Old Heathfield, East Sussex

with Galit Hughes and Diane Tower-Jones

Our bodies are our allies; they seek to communicate with us through sensations, feelings
and emotions. However, we often cannot hear or understand the language of our own
bodies - over time this can lead to discomfort, pain and dis-ease.

When the echoes of unresolved challenges or difficult experiences from the past show
up in the present (whether clearly remembered or not) we can find ourselves triggered -
leading to conflict and drama, or disconnection and the inability to respond to those
around us.

Becoming aware of the origins of our present challenges opens the door to new
possibilities. The focus of this workshop is to reconnect with our authentic selves with
kindness and compassion and through engaging with our innate curiosity.

We will begin with a Cacao Ceremony, a heart opening experience during which we will
introduce ourselves, share our intentions and set the tone of the day. There will then be
a grounding meditation followed by a guided journey of questioning and sensing.

If you are feeling called, curious and willing to:

- reconnect with your authentic self -

- develop compassion for yourself and others -

- pursue a liberated, healthy life -

please join us!

Healing with Curiosity is inspired by Compassionate Inquiry - the work of Gabor Maté
(author of Scattered Minds, In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts, Hold onto Your Children,
When the Body Says No, and most recently, The Myth of Normal).

In the context of creative, compassionate alchemy, Galit and Diane bring to this work an
array of skills and an abundance of life experience.

Please email either Diane or Galit if you would like to book a place; if you have any
questions, feel free to contact us. There will be a maximum of 10 participants.

Cost: 70 pounds.

Diane Tower-Jones began studying Chinese Medicine in the mid eighties when she
apprenticed a Chinese Doctor in London. She went on to study at The International
College of Oriental Medicine in East Grinstead.

That was a long time ago! Since then, she has lived a life full of blessings, challenges,
heartbreak and healing; raised two daughters; made a number of independent films;
trained as a Yoga Therapy Instructor; completed Gabor Maté’s online professional
training in Compassionate Inquiry; and more.
Diane’s practice (based in East Grinstead) consists of Acupuncture, hands-on healing,
yoga therapy and trauma work.
- 07724 259 874

Galit Hughes Travelled to England 1990 to study acupuncture at The International College of Oriental Medicine. In addition to Chinese Medicine, Galit has trained in massage, Hypnotherapy, Kundalini Yoga, Inner Dance and Inner Guidance Process alongside raising three children. Most recently, Galit has completed Gabor Maté’s online professional training in Compassionate Inquiry. Over the years Galit has taught and continues to teach many of these skills, both in the UK
and Israel, along with belly dancing and other movement modalities.

Galit practices in Old Heathfield, Forest Row and East Grinstead; she specialises in
working with women, especially around fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, as well as
treating children. Galit’s passion is to use her numerous skills to empower and support
clients in taking an active roll in their health and healing.
- 07889 207 175

To find out more about what is a Cacao Ceremony please click HERE

Investment: £70

You can pay with PayPal. My Paypal email is or contact me if you would like to pay via bank transfer.

Booking in advance only please.

Place: Farmcote Studios, Old Heathfield (full address will be given on booking).

"No one ever goes into deep, inner searching and finds out: I am not enough.

In fact we find the opposite" Amara Samata